It's Time
Do Church!

There is no time like the present to be the hands and feet of Christ in our hurting and broken world.
While we can't wait for the virus to be over;
we can't wait for the virus to be over, to Do Church!

About Us

Get to know more about what makes us different.

Our Church started with "about thirty Methodists of fine variety" in 1906 in Bartles Hall, located in the old Bartles Building at the corner of 8th and Delaware.  

Our church still sits on the same site where we built the first building in 1910, and we are truly invested in our local community.  Dewey United Methodist Church is known as a mission focused church in the Bartlesville area and beyond.
We have always been on the leading edge of what it means to be the church in every era we have faced and this one is no different.

During the Covid 19 pandemic of 2020 we began to think of new ways to Do Church and we decided to shift our thinking.  While we will always be Dewey United Methodist Church, what if in this era, we became a Digital Church with a physical campus?

Join us as we re-think what it means to DO CHURCH!

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Rev. Jinx M. Barber MDiv., GDBL

Senior Pastor
Jinx brings a wealth of experience from before he felt called to be a pastor.  His sermons and illustrations reflect his understanding of what life outside the church is really like.

Rev. Tari Carbaugh MDiv.

Associate Pastor
Tari also became a pastor later in life and we are blessed to have her.  She is active in animal ministry and is constantly helping us re-think how we do church.

Wayne Peace

Youth Minister
Wayne has been in ministry almost all of his life, he is currently our Youth Minister and also a candidate for ordained ministry in the United Methodist Church.  He is proof that you can grow older without growing up.

Charlene Peace

Childrens Minister
Charlene is our newest addition to the ministry team.  She has a love for childrens ministry and is really excited about exploring the new ways we are developing to Do Church for children in this time.

Marilyn McAfee

Adult Discipleship Minister
Marilyn was our childrens minister for the last thirty years, but she has also done Womens ministry and she felt called to help us rethink our group ministries for adults, and to help us develop our own discipleship pathway.  She must have cabin fever, because we cant get her picture to stop climbing the walls.

Darlys Lickliter

Music Minister
Darlys leads our Choir and is a staple of our worship experience.  She has years of experience teaching music in a school setting, so she can handle just about anyone who wants to sing.

Crystal Holland

Office Administrator
Not all heroes wear capes.  Some wear masks.  Crystal is the person that makes sure that everyone else is able to do ministry.  Plus she keeps Jinx out of trouble, and that is a full time job.

"The Rev"

Honorary Pastor Emiratus
The Reverend Doctor Jeddidiah Hezekiah Beauregaard Eldegard Francois Tibedeaux Esquire the XVIII is currently  at Hoosifoot Assembly Tabernacle of the Eternal Resurrection United Methodist Church.  We let him visit from time to time.

The Choir

9 & 11
Our Choir has been small for the last few years, but in the pandemic we couldnt have even all the ones we had.  So we have had to be a bit more creative.  

The 7th Street Band

9 & 11
The band was a dream for another time until the pandemic hit.  We had to get up to speed fast because we started a Drive-In Church, and we needed to have music each week.

Beverly Strode

Special Music
Gonna just say, she plays beautifully.  It is no wonder she has a fan club.  She plays concert style piano and it is wonderful to just sit and listen.

Wayne Kahre

Special Music
Some people might call it a violin, but to Wayne, it's a fiddle.  He taught himself to play after he was all grown and had time.  Whether its a ballad or a peppy folk tune, we enjoy it all.

Wherever apps are Downloaded

iOS, Android, Amazon, AppleTV, and Roku

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Worship with us live or watch later, you can even download them and watch later if you want.  You can even watch bible studies and listen to music.


Get announcements and view the calendar anytime you want.  You dont have to wait for a newsletter or bulletin anymore.


During a time of pandemic, we want to keep you safe.  We also want you to have access to the entire church, not just worship.


Committees can use the app to communicate issues on the fly and also can use this as a forum for meetings if necessary.


Online Giving; quick, secure, and easy to set up.  Once you give, your information is saved and you can set up single or recurring donations.


Stay connected with all the groups and individuals within the app.  Invite your family and friends, and watch our church grow and take off.

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